Work in Committees gets underway

Mohammed Gheyath, WTSA-12 Chairman

Mohammed Gheyath, WTSA-12 Chairman

WTSA-12’s opening session under the Chairmanship of Mohammed Gheyath (Executive Director, Policies & Programs/Information & E-Government Sector, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, UAE) saw the approval of committees’ structure and leadership.

Work was assigned to five Committees:

1)      Steering Committee (ensures the smooth execution of the work of the Assembly);

2)      Budget Control (examines the total expenditure of the Assembly and estimates the budgetary requirements of ITU-T up to the next WTSA (2016));

3)      Working methods of ITU-T;

4)      ITU-T work programme and organization; and

5)      Editorial Committee (enhances the clarity of wording used in texts arising from WTSA deliberations, such as resolutions, without altering their sense and substance).

The complete terms of reference of all Committees are reproduced in Document DT/4-E (requires a TIES account).

Delegates have started reviewing the inputs and proposals submitted by ITU’s membership in the respective committees and will report the results of these discussions to Plenary at a later stage.


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