ICT innovation side event

The second of the three WTSA side events will take place at 18h00 on Thursday 22 November in Room E, here at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Malcolm Johnson, Director of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, will open the event and four invited speakers will share their experience on ICT Innovations in emerging economies.

Ajay MishraAjay Ranjan Mishra is the Chairman of ITU-T Focus Group bridging the gap: from innovation to standards and will moderate the side event. He will also give a talk about the objectives of the Focus Group, and  on the progress made so far.

Until recently, Ajay has worked with Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks in roles such as Global Head of Industry Environment, Global Head of Business Development (Emerging Markets) and Global Head of Services Innovation Management.

Ramy AhmedRamy Ahmed, the second panelist, is a Senior Manager for the Digital Services Policies at the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt. He has over 10 years of experience in telecommunications regulations and management, especially in the area of market modeling and services planning. He is the technical lead of the market modeling and investment feasibility assessment done in the recently announced Egyptian national broadband plan, eMisr, which proposes different strategic directives to meet Egypt’s broadband innovation and service needs.

Rahmy’s talk From Innovations to Collaborative Standardization will focus on how developing countries could play a more important role in standardization through the establishment of ICT ecosystems that foster innovation.

Deepak RamachandranDeepak Ramachandran is Co-founder & CTO of SourceN, a global provider of online community-building and technology consulting services. Deepak brings to the table over 20 years of engineering experience in the Web and Mobile arena. At SourceN, he guides and leads the Technical Architects and Technical Project Managers during the software design and development phases.

Karma BhutiaAlso with SourceN, Karma Bhutia is a Seasoned Entrepreneur, Co-founder & Managing Partner. He has around 17+ years experience in the IT industry primarily in banking, trade finance, telecoms, logistics, etc.

Deepak and Karma will talk about The Citizen Initiative System – a participatory view of e-Governance.

Helmut SchinkDr Helmut Schink is responsible for telco standards at Nokia Siemens Network. He holds the position of Vice-chairman of ITU-T Study Group 15 (Transport and Access Networks), responsible for Innovation and Marketing. Helmut’s talk will present views on how and where innovations happen. It will discuss innovation mechanisms typically used in industry, along with a few economic aspects and factors in innovation success. Looking at telecoms networks in particular, the talk will discuss how developing countries can contribute to, benefit from, and advocate for a win-win approach to ICT development and innovation that offers attractive incentives for all stakeholders involved.


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